About Hobby Society

Hobby Society is a one-stop- shop for Sydney hobbyists. It is a community market place where people who share the same hobby interact by either providing or using a service (for example: teachingrenting out space or tools).

Whether you want to take a class on the latest pottery glazing technique, rent space or equipment for your woodworking project or want to ask about why your cakes aren’t rising- the Hobby Society platform is for you.

We have a growing number of Masters, all of which are able to be contacted via our Masters Page. While each of our Masters are able to be contacted so that you can seek the help that you need, a number of them offer pre-arranged classes, which you can browse through by heading to our listing page.


Who is behind Hobby Society?

We are a group of three passionate individuals dedicated to ensuring that Sydney-siders get the most out of their hobbies. We each have our own hobby and our mission is for you to enjoy your hobby as much as we do!

Our story started when Stirling found that it was almost impossible to hire a workshop in Sydney for his car-building project. First, there was no dedicated online site to find a rental workshop, so searching became a long and painful process. Second,  most workshops were marketed at professional mechanics so were too expensive for a hobbyist. If only his neighbour down the road would rent out his spare workshop space and tools and maybe even teach some him some mechanic skills …

Hence the ‘Light Bulb Moment’ — there was clearly a need for a single platform to bring together a hobby community, allow people to rent out spaces and tools and learn from each other.

Stirling then recruited Ana and Rif to make his vision a reality!


Stirling loves building his Land Rover Ute – a project which has now taken him 8 years! This project was the main driver (no pun intended) behind the creation of Hobby Society.

You can contact Stirling by heading to his profile page using the button below.


Ana’s passion is cooking, to the extent that she took off an entire year of her science postgrad in a laboratory to complete commercial cookery at TAFE. Pastry cooking is her thing and she uses it to relax. Ana will be transferring her science and cooking skills to Hobby Society members  through cooking classes.

You can contact Ana by heading to her profile page using the button below.


Rif loves to try a variety of hobbies: photography, cartooning and football. He especially likes to understand the experience that people have when they start and then master a hobby- exactly what Hobby Society needs!

You can contact Rif by heading to his profile page using the button below.

Our Logo

We often get questions about our beloved pinwheel, so we’re more than happy to explain. There are two reasons why we chose the pinwheel.

Firstly, it evokes a sense of play and enjoyment—much like we get from our hobbies. The second is that it is a project— something that we build with our two hands, just like our hobby projects.

The step-by-step nature of undertaking a hobby project is seen in the pinwheel’s half completed state. Did you notice that it’s half -coloured and has dashed lines? It is indeed a ‘work in progress’.

We hope you love it as much as we do!