For many, the start of a new year can signal the pursuit of a new job. Sometimes this happens straight away and people fuelled with the ‘New Year New Me’ feeling hand that notice in on day one back after the festivities. Although, not everyone is quite that ready and they take stock in the early stages of the year, the job search does mean getting your CV updated.

Should you include hobbies on your resume?

Now hobbies are obviously not as essential to your resume as your previous work experience or qualifications but it does give the recruiter a little more information about the type of person you are and what you’re interested in.

What hobbies should include on your resume?

If you’re looking to include hobbies on CV, you should carefully consider their relevance to the role that you’re applying for. Of course, you’re free to say that you love cooking in your spare time if you’re applying for a role in a sales but perhaps something more relevant would be better. For example, saying you make videos in the spare time would be good if you were going for a social media role.

Some great hobbies that might be good to include are:

  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Playing Sport
  • Digital related hobbies such as video production or blogging.

Looking for a hobby?

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