Yes, it may sound crazy but we recently had a discussion at Hobby Society HQ that posed the question, “what is a hobby?”

Now as Sydney’s one-stop-shop for hobbies, you may think we should represent the definitive answer on the topic therefore challenge accepted. As we discovered, defining what a hobby is proved interesting!

Definition of a Hobby?

Google dictionary: “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” (or a small horse or pony!)

From a blog: “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation”

What’s the difference between a hobby and an interest?

The above definitions of a hobby posed a grey area for yours truly, in that there is no clear distinction between those definitions and the below meaning for an “interest:

Google dictionary: “the feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone” or “an activity or subject which one enjoys doing or studying.”

Personally, I feel I lack in the hobby department (I fortunately work for the right people now) but conversely have many interests. For example, I like Soccer and consume much around the sport including podcasts, fan media, journalism & attend matches but no longer physically play myself.

In my example, I both want to learn about/enjoy what I consume as well as doing so outside of my occupation in my leisure time for relaxation but I disagree that it’s a hobby.

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What’s the difference between a hobby and a passion?

To confuse matters, someone decided to bring in the idea of a passion. With the can of worms open, we looked up the definition of a passion:

Back to Google: “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something” or “a thing arousing great enthusiasm.”

Back to my previous example, I would say based on this definition I am also passionate about Soccer and I agree with this, as this brings in the element of emotion.

So, what is a hobby to us?

As it stands, I have an interest in Soccer, which is a passion and according to the definition also a hobby but as previously mentioned I disagree.

Where does this leave us? Essentially, we agreed with the definitions for an interest and a passion, which naturally are prerequisites for a hobby. However, we felt that the definition of a hobby did not go far enough, so here’s goes head on the block time:

Hobby Society’s definition of a hobby:

“A hobby is a physical activity, such as pottery, that is undertaken for pleasure in one’s free time and not just a complimentary interest or passion, such as just reading about pottery or exploring design fairs.”

Do you agree? Let us know what you think and what your favourite hobby is over on our Facebook page.