Not so long ago I was having this conversation with my woodwork instructor, what distinguishes a ‘serious’ hobbyist from a not so serious one. I am not sure if such a thing exists but in the process of determining this, we considered what really makes a serious hobbyist, and here is my not-scientifically proven list:

  • They have an unending desire to enrol in various hobbies;
  • Once they fall in love with a hobby, they stick with it until it stops being intrinsically valuable;
  • They care enough about the hobby, that they want to improve the practices and lives of people involved in it;
  • The place of practice (of the hobby) becomes their “zen” space;
  • They become willing to spend time and money on all things related to the hobby;
  • People they meet along the way give them a sense of community;
  • All worries seem to feel less important, and the sharing of the spaces, materials, and ideas bring purpose, creativity and calm.

There maybe no such thing as a serious hobbyist but there’s definitely a sense of belonging when a hobby
can make someone feel any of those things. Woodwork certainly makes me feel that way!

Below is my latest project in progress: a portable island bench with a butcher’s block on top serving as a platform! I am hoping that I can fit more people in my cooking classes once I finish this project.

Juhi King is a Master on Hobby Society and frequently runs vegetarian cooking classes to share her family recipes from Northern India.