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Cooking is without a doubt one of the easiest hobbies to get into. Almost everyone has access to a kitchen, so getting started is as easy as deciding to do it!

When cooking is taken up as a hobby, it involves learning and appreciating all aspects – shopping & selecting ingredients, tools and techniques in preparation, experimentation with recipes. And most importantly – sharing your creations with friends and family!


When you think of pottery, you most likely think of bowls, cups, plates & vases. But in reality, a vast number of objects and shapes can be created from clay. The limit is practically your imagination!

Pottery is the art of taking clay and forming it with your bare hands or throwing it on a wheel to shape into the desired shape. The clay can then be finished in an almost inifite number of ways by using a combination of decorations, firing and glazing techniques.


Humans have been creating tools, furniture and shapes from wood for centuries. While seeming like a hobby that requires a lot of skill and expensive tools – the reality is that with a little bit of guidance and some basic tools you can be on your way to create whatever you wish!

Woodworking, as one of the oldest crafts in the world is a label for a broad range of crafts including furniture making, carving, wood turning and restoration. Regardless of the craft, they all involve the creation of objects or shapes with the help of tools.

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