Information about Hobby Society

How it works / FAQ

What is Hobby Society?

Hobby Society is an online sharing platform catering to hobby enthusiasts. It is a hub where those who share the same hobby can connect, learn skills and rent equipment and space (coming soon). And all the while building a hobby-based community! 

Currently, Hobby Society focuses on woodworkingcooking and pottery in the Sydney region, but we will be expanding to other hobbies and regions in the near future.

Hobby Society has three arms which will allow you to:

1. Skills

  • Improve your skills by taking up classes run by experienced Hobby Society members.
  • Teach a class in your area of expertise in a way, time and location that suits you, for a fee that you set
  • Pay and charge for classes through our secure platform

2. Tools, Equipment & Spaces

  • Rent the tools, equipment and space needed to do your hobby and reach your full potential
  • Rent out your equipment or space to other Hobby Society members for a fee that you set
  • Pay and charge for space and tools hire through our secure platform

3. Community

  • Connect with other Hobby Society members who share your passion
  • Ask hobby-related questions or showcase the amazing things you’ve made through your hobby


How will Hobby Society help me?

If you are hobby enthusiast who would like to get better or needs to hire space and equipment, Hobby Society will allow you to: 
  • build your skills through access to posts and forums posted by other Hobby Society members (coming soon).
  • build your skills by booking paid classes run by Hobby Society members near you 
  • rent the tools, equipment and space needed to do your hobby and reach your full potential (coming soon). 
On the other side, if you are further advanced in your hobby or are a professional, Hobby Society will allow you to:
  • upload content to showcase your skills and your products (coming soon)
  • teach a class in a way, time and location that suits you for a fee that you set 
  • reach new audiences and build your brand

Additionally, if you have tools, equipment or space, Hobby Society will allow you to: 

  • rent out your equipment or space to other Hobby Society members for a fee that you set (coming soon). 

In this way, you will be building your hobby community at the same time as generating income.

How much does it cost to be part of Hobby Society?

Becoming a Hobby Society member is absolutely free. Beyond that, the platform has a mixture of free and paid elements. Users are able to both upload and see content posted by Hobby Society members for free (coming soon). Free content which is accessible on the platform includes photos, videos and access to the forum. To take up a class or hire space and equipment, you will need to pay the price set by Hobby Society teachers or by the space or equipment owners (coming soon).  

Hobby Society charges a minimum of $1 or an 8% fee (whichever greater) on all paid transactions to cover the costs of keeping this platform running for everyone to enjoy.  The 8% includes the credit card processing fee that we pay to Stripe, our card processing service. This total fee is included in the final price when making a booking.

I have more than one hobby, can I be part of any Hobby Society forum?

Of course. A lot of people enjoy more than one past-time and the more interactions between hobby lovers, the stronger the Hobby Society becomes!

How does Hobby Society ensure that my teachers are good?

When Hobby Society receives a proposal for a class from a member, we make sure the teacher has what it takes to provide you with a great teaching experience. This includes inspecting their venue and interviewing them. Additionally, Hobby Society members rate teachers after a class to ensure quality of the class is maintained. We encourage you to review feedback left by others to determine if the class is right for you, but don't shy away from some of our newer listings, we are sure you will love them!

I have never taught, can I still be a teacher?

Absolutely! The focus of the classes in Hobby Society is to offer students a great experience in addition to technical skills. So even if you have never taught a class but have something unique to offer (great personality, interesting technique, experience, passion for your hobby) we want to hear from you!

I would like to teach or list my space or equipment, how can I get involved?

Please submit your proposed class under the classes page of your chosen hobby and we will be in contact soon to discuss what you plan to offer. Alternatively, if you are interested in listing your space or equipment please submit your expression of interest to and we will keep you informed on this feature.

Why don't you use Paypal and is my credit card information safe?

Due to our platform requirements we can't use Paypal. Instead we use Stripe, another secure payment system common in Europe. Your credit card data is never stored on our servers and payments are processed securely and directly with Stripe. You may wish to look at the Stripe's security features.

As a teacher or someone who rents tools and equipment, how and when will I get paid?

Hobby Society uses Stripe to securely process all payments to give you piece of mind. Stripe receives money from the buyer upon purchase and pays you (minus our and their fee) into the bank account account you have configured in your user preferences. Stripe's payment processing time is 2 days.

How late can I cancel a booking? Will I get my money back?

This depends on the terms and conditions of your teacher. Generally speaking you will have your booking fee refunded provided you have complied with conditions such as the minimum cancellation period. You can find all the cancellation terms specified on the class listing page.

Have further questions?

Please get in touch with us at